Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Elm cutting video

Here's a video I built of cutting down our prized elm tree this past Thursday. My plan was to videotape it, which I did, with a fairly cheap digital camera. That one was 17 minutes long with tinny audio, but I took it just in case this one didn't work out. (it's from a different angle though, so in some ways I like i...t better!) This particular one I built with pictures from my camera which I had set on continuous shoot mode on a tripod and assigned my sister to run it. I then set up my sound recorder to catch the audio. The tree was supposed to fall to the right, and despite 2 ropes, it fell where it wanted to instead- to the left and straight toward the camera!! It broke off the top of the neighboring tree which subsequently fell on my sound recorder! (nice crash!) One thing, it's not easy to tell a 50-some foot tree that weighs many tons what to do!!! So, it fell on the greenhouse which is amazingly mostly fine! 2 holes in the side plastic; that's pretty much it. Thanks for watching! ~JW
(Video didn't upload, so you can see it on youtube instead!!)
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