Monday, August 23, 2010

Summertime 2010

Welcome everyone to my newest blog post!
Here's a set of photos mainly from August 2010.
Enjoy :)

"Stormy Sunset" June 15th
(okay so this one isn't August!!)

"UFO!" Pure Water Days fireworks, August 14th

"Extravaganza!" PWD Fireworks, Aug. 14th.
**This photo was printed on the front page of the Chippewa paper.**

Me with my HUGE muskmelon! (9.25 lb's)
August 19th
(I'm telling the camera person what to do! lol)

Ripening Watermelon!! Aug. 19th

"Twist 'n Shout Hydrangea"
August 21st

Garden phlox preparing to bloom. Aug. 21

"American Honey" inspired photo shoot! :)
August 21

Garden spider wraps up a wayward bumblebee

"American Honey" inspired photo shoot :)
"Wisconsin Honey" anyone??

"Lake Wissota Eventide"
August 21, 2010


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