Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nature's Frosting

Well it certainly is winter here in Northern Wisconsin!

Despite temperatures of minus 10 this morning (Dec. 16),
the frost on the window pane was quite beautiful,
and in my opinion, in need of being photographed.

Here's a couple of "Frosty Shots" for you all!


Monday, December 15, 2008

>> Late Fall Miscellaneous <<


"The Sun Sets on the United States of America"

The moon, Venus, and Jupiter conference
December 1st.

These shots were all interesting, since this
celestial configuration is indeed rare!! --JW


Saturday, November 15, 2008


Here is a fall shot, unfortunately not from this year, but from 2007.
I haven't got any new photos scanned in from this year yet, so those will have to wait for now. But here's one from last year you can enjoy!
This is "Maple Leaf Collage"

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Castle Rock, Sept. 15

Here are a couple of shots I took of Castle Rock, near Camp Douglas, WI on September 15th. Last year I tried to photograph this same place, but it rained, and the photos didn't come out very good. This year the sun shone--it almost didn't! Down at the Dells, one half hour south, the clouds were thick, but as we travelled north they began to break. The sun was fully out by the time we got to Castle Rock.
Rocky Pass

Monumental Monolith

Through the Pass

Respite on the Hillside
(My sister agreed to pose for this shot, as I had just got done announcing that the area would be great for model photography.)

Those of you who know me are probably wondering what I am doing in this part of the state, so I will explain. Every September, our distributor/supplier of lawn and garden products has a HUGE 2-day tradeshow down in Wisconsin Dells. All of the customers of this corporation (our nursery included) are invited to the tradeshow in hopes that they will impulse-buy a truckload of products for next year. We always go because it's free! On the way back to Chippewa Falls from this show, we always like to stop at the very photogenic Castle Rock.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pure Water in the Swamp!

Jerry Way production a
"walk back through history"

I was priviledged this year to be a part of the tech crew, along with Laura and Nancy, for Jerry Way's seventh annual Pure Water Days production Pure Water In the Swamp. This is the fourth in the series of shows depicting the founding, industrial growth, general life, and community events centered around the city of Chippewa Falls.

Together with 8 other talented singers and musicians all known collectively as the 'Swampers', Jerry Way wove his musical tapestry. Each song, legend, or narration was accomanied by a slide show of photographs projected behind the musicians on stage. Jerry's songs make our hometown history come alive with stories including the great lumber boom of the late 1800's, the Glen Loch ghost of 1925, the history of the Northern Wisconsin State Fair, and our Chippewa Falls Public Library.

Then, through the eyes of the late Chippewa Falls artist Hugh Mandelert, we saw some of the other aspects of our town. Hugh's paintings speak of simple things: community events, Irvine Park, the apple blossoms of Lafayette, Wissota Island-- favorite spots for all where fond memories unfold.

Our focus then shifted to the land and how it was shaped by the glaciers; the beauty of our own Chippewa River and plans for a new city park on its banks.

The narration culminated with the vivid history of how Chippewa Falls is the undisputed home of the world's purest water.

Jerry Way's shows are best described as an enchanting walk taken back through history, from the logging days of old to the present time in our bustling hometown of Chippewa Falls. The refrain of the last song of the production sums it up the best:

History is a river, dive in

It only flows in one direction,

And you can't go back again

Oh history is a river, dive in!

From the new Jerry Way production
Pure Water in the Swamp,
here are all of us Swampers, in costume.
From back left: Jerry Way, Joe, Tim, Rob, Ross (tech)
Middle Row: Amanda, Casey, Kathy, Judy G, Judy B
Front Row--Tech: Joel, Nancy, Laura
photo by Carol Way
(click photo to enlarge)

by Joel Wiltrout

Pure Water Days Fireworks Display Aug. 9 2008

This year, I actually went down to watch the Pure Water Days fireworks display. On previous years, we could watch quite well directly from the yard, but this year, the display location was moved to the other side of the city. I got a number of cool photos of the show here. Enjoy!!

Red and Green 1

Half and Half

Classic flower

...with blue broom center

More colored lights

Red sparks

Another classic flower

Falling orange sparks

Classic Flower Explosion

Blue Pincushion

Orange Explosion ball

Red and Green 2

Perfect Pom-pom

Weeping Willow

The Grand Finale


Monday, July 21, 2008

Tornado Formation!! Sunday, July 20 2008

I had been casually watching this baby thunderstorm
forming in the west, and about overhead.
It was lightly raining, and the storm appeared to be sliding
mainly south of us.
I happened to glance out the living room window,
and this is what met my glance!!
I quickly grabbed the first camera I could find
(the digital) and started shooting.

The cloud could be seen constantly changing;
tails merging, disintegrating;
only to return more organized a few minutes later

As the rain had stopped, I went out into the driveway
for a better look.
As the storm began to pass south of us,
the funnel began to organize further..

Here's the big picture...

... and presently, a finger began groping downward
at a surprising rate of speed.

...organizing into a true funnel--
Here I began to worry it would actually touch down!

...And rapidly morphed into a large, rapidly rotating funnel

intent on destruction.
This phase only lasted perhaps 20 seconds, and then disintegrated.

The whole cloud sequence was visible for probably
about 10 minutes,
and after this last one nearly touched down,
the whole cloud quite rapidly disintegrated.
I watched it for a few minutes longer to make sure!!
The cloud never touched down,
and no warnings were ever issued for the storm
which otherwise seemed harmless.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Miscellaneous Photos 2001-2007

"Regal Visitor"
This is my best shot of a Monarch butterfly to date.
Taken 092807

"Maple Leaf Collage"
taken 092807

"Take a Bite"
This is a Red Regent apple, ripe for the picking!
Taken 092207

"It's A Toad!"
This toad only cooperated with being photographed
after I poured some water on him!
Then he came out and posed nicely.
Taken 081007

"Butterfly Love"
Here two Red Admiral butterflies are mating. . . .
taken 072907

This is a Cecropia Caterpillar.
The Cecropia is the largest of the giant silk moths,
and I think, the largest moth in the USA.
This caterpillar is shown here eating apple on 072907.
See further down on this list for
a photo of the adult moths.

"Striped Wonder"
This very photogenic monarch caterpillar
was captured by my camera on
(best mono-cato shot to date)

"Moonlight Sillhouette"
This moon shot was taken about 10:15 pm
on June 28, 2007.
(that was as close as I could get to high sun)
This amusing photo is of the flower stalks
of Royal Candles Speedwell.
This was taken on 062307

How's this for an ominous shot!
This is Cumulonimbus Mamma, taken
on 062007.
This picture, taken sometime in early June,
is of an amusing breed of cloud which
I call "pillow clouds". These seem to
usually be associated with a cold front
that is forming directly overhead.
"Patio Joe"
This waterlily remains our most popular
hardy lily for sale.
Taken 060907
"Siberian Iris"
Complete with a dewdrop sparkle,
here is a siberian iris.
Taken 060907
"Tender Love"
This is one of my best rose shots for '07.
Taken 060907
"Nighttime Supercell"
This photo was taken on the night of
October 3, 2006, of a supercell storm
passing through southern Eau Claire County.

"Cecropia Pair"
This pair of Cecropia moths was found
resting for the day in a garden area of our
Taken 061506
"Cobban Sunrays"
Taken at the cobban bridge near Cornell,
June 11, 2006

"Remember When"
taken May 17,2006

Early Morning Sunrise
taken November 9, 2005.

Great July 23rd, 2005 Windstorm Approaches
Around Noon. Tree-leveling winds clocked at 78mph
at Eau Claire Regional Airport.
Some higher gusts reported.
The aftermath- 5 trees down & numerous branches,
at our place anyway!
July 23rd 2005
"Queen of the Springtime"
This peony picture was taken
June 13, 2005

"End of the Rainbow"
Taken May 19, 2005

"Cherry Blossom Figure"
Taken April 18, 2005
Taken March 4 2005.
We found this 3 month old kitten running around in the snow in February 2005, and when no one claimed him, adopted him into the family.
This is Percival!
A blooming shamrock-- two flowers and a bud.
Taken July, 2004

From June 2004, here is an amazing sunset,
taken after a storm.

On April 18th, 2004, due to very dry conditions and a 50 mph wind, a major dust storm commenced. The air was brown for miles, especially south of us,where the farmer had just plowed his fields.
From November 2001, a sunrise;
the dawning of a new day.

"When God paints a sunrise,
In blue and gold across the skies,
From the grays of night, hope springs forth
Of a better day than the one before."