Friday, November 5, 2010

=>>NEW POST!!! Fall 2010<<=

Wow! It's been a long time since I got around
to posting on here... just too busy doing
absolutely everything else I guess.
That doesn't mean I haven't been
taking photos though :)
I'm including a set of some of my best
photos of Fall, 2010. Enjoy!!

Amnicon Falls, near Superior, WI

Bumble Bee on Sedum 090810

My big September project!!
Completed drainage ditch 091910

Major flooding of the Chippewa River,
September 26th, 2010
(video of Eau Claire River in flood near Fall Creek)

Sunset, Sept. 28, 2010

Tricolor bushes 093010

Mushroom Family on a tree

Burning Bush Sunrays 100210

Burning Bush in full color 100210

Tank! (this was at a park in Stanley, WI)

Oh! and one more thing,
Congratulations to all the Conservatives
who took back our nation
(and Wisconsin)
on Election Day!!!!!

God Bless the USA!