Sunday, December 4, 2011

^^Sticky Snow In All Its Beauty!^^

It's Winter... yeah haha,
...but this time it actually went pretty for us!!!
Got the first snowstorm of the season,
Saturday, Dec. 3!!
This was a rare snowstorm in that it was very
sticky, and came with no wind!
On top of all that, the temps fell to 29
and held there for all of Sunday, so it didn't melt
either. Here's a bunch of shots I took about
2 pm Sunday afternoon of all the amazingness
that is created when sticky snow lands on
absolutely everything!!!
Yes we have an awesome artist God :)
~Fences and Winter Burning Bushes :)~
~Orchard in Winter :)~
~Snow-covered Birches~
~Winter in the Nursery~
~Snowy Boxelders~
~Overhead Snowy Silhouettes~
~Walkin' In a Winter Wonderland~
~Apricot Tree in Snow~
~Country Lane~
~Fences, Trees, and sticky snow :)~
~Snowcapped Weeds~
~Snowy Aspens~
~Snowy Aspen Silhouette~
~God's amazing natural snowy beauty~
~Snowy Winterberries~
~Winterberries in snow~

~Cranberry Bush- snowberries!~
~Bittersweet in the Snow~

~Bittersweet in the Snow 2~
~Boxelder Sillhouettes~