Saturday, March 26, 2011

THE March storm of 2011

Well, well! Here it is March of 2011... and what March would be complete without a good old fashioned snowstorm! Yeah I know that last year kinda spoiled us all with 70's and all, but 2011 wasn't about to treat us that nice. Can't have yer cake and eat it too, as the old saying goes... Anyway, yeah, we had one heck of a storm here... about 3 inches of heavy sleet, along with some serious thunder and lightning... icing and storm winds managed to collapse the largest radio tower in the midwest, (2000 ft) knocking Wisconsin's most powerful radio station, WAXX 104.5 off the air, along with WEAU TV 13 Eau Claire. Nasty little slicker... but then it flipped around and thunder still rolling, dumped around 8-10 inches of snow on top of it all!
I plowed all day Wednesday, but Thursday was sunny once again :)
Here's a few from Thursday and Saturday. Enjoy!!

^Done Plowing for...
the rest of the winter???^

Good question!!
^Caught in the Bushes^
^Winter's Teeth!^
^March snow oddities^
Colorado?? Haha not quite :)
^Try a Wisconsin March! ^
^Icicle Pines!!^
^Nestled in the Snow- Pine Candles^
^Standing at Attention^
^Snow-Striped Red Pines^
^Pine Rows in Snow^
^Snowy scene^
^Icicle Pines... 2^
^Storybook Winter Spruce^
And now today's shots... 032611>
^Spiky ice needles!^
^Umm, yeah really!!^
^Need a piercing??^
^Mammoth Icicle- top portion^ (it's about 3 ft long)
^Mammoth Icicle... bottom drip :)^
^More Ice Pine Needles^
And that concludes the wacky March weather for 2011...
haha I wish!
Icicles and sun and snow and robins...
Welcome to Wisconsin!