Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some Spring photos: May 2011

Wow!! It's been like forever since I've posted here...
no I didn't forget about it I've just been busy!!

Here's a couple select shots from May.
I'll get some June ones up too eventually, but
since it's almost JULY, I figured y'all wanna see
somethin' besides SNOW on my blog!

Just got about 780 pics at COUNTRYFEST too so
there'll be some of those posted here too!
Watch out :)

Tulip macro 051511

Apple Blossoms 051511

A dandelion doglet lol! Tobias 051511

Dandelion Macro 051511

Pincherry Blossoms 051511

Jim Falls sunset 052211

Table rock at Jim Falls 052211

Backwater Serenity 052211

Cobban Evening 052211

Cobban Bridge Farm reflection 052211