Monday, July 21, 2008

Tornado Formation!! Sunday, July 20 2008

I had been casually watching this baby thunderstorm
forming in the west, and about overhead.
It was lightly raining, and the storm appeared to be sliding
mainly south of us.
I happened to glance out the living room window,
and this is what met my glance!!
I quickly grabbed the first camera I could find
(the digital) and started shooting.

The cloud could be seen constantly changing;
tails merging, disintegrating;
only to return more organized a few minutes later

As the rain had stopped, I went out into the driveway
for a better look.
As the storm began to pass south of us,
the funnel began to organize further..

Here's the big picture...

... and presently, a finger began groping downward
at a surprising rate of speed.

...organizing into a true funnel--
Here I began to worry it would actually touch down!

...And rapidly morphed into a large, rapidly rotating funnel

intent on destruction.
This phase only lasted perhaps 20 seconds, and then disintegrated.

The whole cloud sequence was visible for probably
about 10 minutes,
and after this last one nearly touched down,
the whole cloud quite rapidly disintegrated.
I watched it for a few minutes longer to make sure!!
The cloud never touched down,
and no warnings were ever issued for the storm
which otherwise seemed harmless.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Miscellaneous Photos 2001-2007

"Regal Visitor"
This is my best shot of a Monarch butterfly to date.
Taken 092807

"Maple Leaf Collage"
taken 092807

"Take a Bite"
This is a Red Regent apple, ripe for the picking!
Taken 092207

"It's A Toad!"
This toad only cooperated with being photographed
after I poured some water on him!
Then he came out and posed nicely.
Taken 081007

"Butterfly Love"
Here two Red Admiral butterflies are mating. . . .
taken 072907

This is a Cecropia Caterpillar.
The Cecropia is the largest of the giant silk moths,
and I think, the largest moth in the USA.
This caterpillar is shown here eating apple on 072907.
See further down on this list for
a photo of the adult moths.

"Striped Wonder"
This very photogenic monarch caterpillar
was captured by my camera on
(best mono-cato shot to date)

"Moonlight Sillhouette"
This moon shot was taken about 10:15 pm
on June 28, 2007.
(that was as close as I could get to high sun)
This amusing photo is of the flower stalks
of Royal Candles Speedwell.
This was taken on 062307

How's this for an ominous shot!
This is Cumulonimbus Mamma, taken
on 062007.
This picture, taken sometime in early June,
is of an amusing breed of cloud which
I call "pillow clouds". These seem to
usually be associated with a cold front
that is forming directly overhead.
"Patio Joe"
This waterlily remains our most popular
hardy lily for sale.
Taken 060907
"Siberian Iris"
Complete with a dewdrop sparkle,
here is a siberian iris.
Taken 060907
"Tender Love"
This is one of my best rose shots for '07.
Taken 060907
"Nighttime Supercell"
This photo was taken on the night of
October 3, 2006, of a supercell storm
passing through southern Eau Claire County.

"Cecropia Pair"
This pair of Cecropia moths was found
resting for the day in a garden area of our
Taken 061506
"Cobban Sunrays"
Taken at the cobban bridge near Cornell,
June 11, 2006

"Remember When"
taken May 17,2006

Early Morning Sunrise
taken November 9, 2005.

Great July 23rd, 2005 Windstorm Approaches
Around Noon. Tree-leveling winds clocked at 78mph
at Eau Claire Regional Airport.
Some higher gusts reported.
The aftermath- 5 trees down & numerous branches,
at our place anyway!
July 23rd 2005
"Queen of the Springtime"
This peony picture was taken
June 13, 2005

"End of the Rainbow"
Taken May 19, 2005

"Cherry Blossom Figure"
Taken April 18, 2005
Taken March 4 2005.
We found this 3 month old kitten running around in the snow in February 2005, and when no one claimed him, adopted him into the family.
This is Percival!
A blooming shamrock-- two flowers and a bud.
Taken July, 2004

From June 2004, here is an amazing sunset,
taken after a storm.

On April 18th, 2004, due to very dry conditions and a 50 mph wind, a major dust storm commenced. The air was brown for miles, especially south of us,where the farmer had just plowed his fields.
From November 2001, a sunrise;
the dawning of a new day.

"When God paints a sunrise,
In blue and gold across the skies,
From the grays of night, hope springs forth
Of a better day than the one before."