Monday, May 5, 2008

HWY 29 Construction Photos

In the spring of 2002, the construction of the new Hwy 29 to Elk Mound, reached Chippewa Falls. Hoffman Construction rolled into town in the middle of April, and by the end of the month, our road was closed-- TOTALLY. This picture sequence was taken May 16th 2002, from our old backyard. The space in front of the camera was, until Fall 2000, our house and garden. The state purchased that piece of our land at that time. When the dozers rumbled in in 2002, they further cemented my love for heavy equipment, CAT, and major road construction. --JW
CAT 631E Scraper

CAT 631E Scraper, pushed w. D8N

Hoffman's "new" 631E Scraper, loaded

CAT D8N Dozer

At work-- 2 scrapers, and wheel dozer

In Fall of 2002, Hoffman had migrated about 2.5 miles further south, and was working on the area now known as the Hallie interchange, between 13oth St and Hwy 124, behind the tank farms. These shots were taken of their lineup on Oct 19, 2002.

CAT D9L Dozer/ 6ft tall blade

Here's a partial lineup-- in the center is the D9L featured above.


This dozer was working on the 53 Bypass project near the Eau Claire River, June 6 2004. This company was from the twin cities, and is the only place I have actually seen the CAT D9R model! This one is a little smaller than the older D9L.
(the D9R was an upgrade from the D8L)


On June 27, 2005, the paving company (Trierweiler Const.) got to the 50th Ave. bridge, paving the West-bound lanes. From the bridge deck, I was able to watch and photograph, as the paver moved under. Pretty interesting sequence to watch- I was waiting for the paver to come this way, and was hoping I wouldn't have to work that day!


Two days before the highway was scheduled to open, we all took a walk down the middle of Hwy 29. This picture was taken by my mom, of my dad, my sister, and myself sitting in the center of the new road. Based on the sign, it should be evident where this is to any common traveller of Hwy 29, Chippewa Falls, WI!

August 16th 2005, at 11am, the first traffic was police-escorted down the east-bound side of the new Hwy 29. I waited over an hour for this picture! Later that same day (mid-afternoon), the west-bound lanes were similarly opened. Taken from the 50th Ave. bridge, Chippewa Falls.


At Hwy 29/ Business 29/ Seymour Cray Sr. Blvd, construction commenced in fall 2005 to make a smooth transition from Seymour Cray Sr. Blvd to Business 29. Pictured here is a CAT D7R dozer that was working on that project.

This photo was taken Aug 27, 2006, at the Seymour Cray Blvd/ Hwy 178 extension project north of Chippewa Falls. This is a D10N dozer: When CAT discontinued the popular D9L in the late 1980's, they made improvements, and upgraded the model to D10N. (The D10N was replaced around 1996 with the D10R)


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